KittenTaxi 1.5.3

Put your gun down and your paws in the air

KittenTaxi is a refreshingly original and unique racing shooter game that oozes style and class.

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  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Original and unique concept
  • Reverse gameplay
  • Classy 1920s music


  • Requires in-app purchases too soon

Very good

KittenTaxi is a refreshingly original and unique racing shooter game that oozes style and class.

Cats on the run

In this game, you take on the role of a cat that is on the run from the police having just robbed a bank. The aim is to shoot or blow up the pursuing police cars with the variety of weapons available in your arsenal.

Its reverse gameplay (the car drives towards you) is a nice touch and makes KittenTaxi different from all the other racing games out there.

The only negative is you can't get very far without in-app purchases - it's not just that you need them to upgrade your car and buy more weapons, but you also have to pay to keep playing.

Tough but fair

The controls in Kitten Taxi are simple: right or left tap to move across the screen and collect weapons. When I first started playing I was a bit confused about what I was supposed to be doing as the camera angle made me feel like I was viewing the game from below and couldn't quite see the whole picture. But after a few goes I picked up the idea and really started to get into it.

Kitten Taxi's gameplay is challenging enough to keep you interested, but not so tough that you get frustrated or angry.

Quirky with flair

The graphics look like they have been sketched by hand by a professional artist, with precision and flair, and a background of vivid pastel colors. The quirky and imaginative style of the game is completed by 1920s swing music in the background that are evocative of the era.

A perfect mix of style and substance

KittenTaxi is a stand-out game that mixes together unique gameplay, a strong story-based theme along with quirky and cute graphics and music. It's just as good to look at as it is to play.



KittenTaxi 1.5.3

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